[wp-hackers] Problems ?

Amit Gupta amit at igeek.info
Mon Mar 7 13:07:58 GMT 2005

Matt wrote:
>I just listed a few things that can be told to them but I did forget one:
>* Disable all plugins
>Some plugins have really bad queries and code that I could see causing 
>a high load on a server with moderate traffic.

>Maybe "get a better host" isn't the best way to phrase it, something 
>like "I get 5x more traffic and have never had a problem on X" or "Your 
>host could fix that" or "There are tens of thousands of WP blogs, only 
>blogs on your host have reported any problems."

yes, its more likely the plugins as I get more than twice the traffic than
that bloke who's site was shutdown by his host but I haven't had a problem
with WP eating my server resources ever, nor my host has complained about it
even once. quite possibly b'coz the only db plugins that I have are Spaminator
& Comment-Post count plugins.

>Perhaps it's time to make a page of "known good hosts" on 
>wordpress.org. I can think of 2-3 that we have a relationship
>with and could function as a advocacy partner. (Eg, they shut down
>your site they have to explain why to us or they get taken off the site.)

yes, a good idea, but don't we already have a page in the codex
about good hosts & bad hosts? I think it won't be better as most guys already
have hosting before they come to get WP. and they are not gonna change their
host just for WP. also it'll reflect the bad side of WP if we go around
telling people which hosts are better for WP & which are not. new comers
will think that we have some problem in WP as it runs good only on with
selected webhosts. won't look good on us, will it?

Amit Gupta

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