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Jason Hoffman jason at textdrive.com
Sun Mar 6 23:47:16 GMT 2005

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On Mar 6, 2005, at 3:37 PM, Carthik Sharma wrote:
> In this situation, one's reminded of why hosts like TextDrive are an
> excellent option, since they can identify the problem to a greater
> resolution (than just - "you php script is causing the problem" ). In
> fact, the more I think of it, the more I think that a resposible,
> educated host should be able to help in finding out what the problem
> is, to a greater level of detail.

One thing to note here is besides hosting wordpress itself and having 
Matt "on staff" is that our goal is be able to financially support a 
wordpress support team (not just provide servers) that works within our 
support system.

That's how punbb, textpattern, epilog, rails is (and getting to be that 
way more and more). When someone has an issue with textpattern, it's 
Dean and txp developers that help, when there's a  punbb issue it's 
Rickard that helps, ....

That's where the developer/sysadmin hosting synergy really happens 
because we really can do a full analysis that can even feed back into 
bug squashing etc. So anyone doing "real" support for Wordpress and is 
interested in being part of the machine, should talk to Matt and 
myself, I'd be happy to have you (and defer to Matt's recommendations).

Thanks, J

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