[wp-hackers] Plugin repository and tags usage

Brian Dupuis wordpress at coldforged.org
Fri Mar 4 16:17:26 GMT 2005

Ryan Boren wrote:

>Same here, but only for 13 years.  Ongoing development always happens on
>the trunk.  That's why it's the trunk.
I assume this is the same process we're suggesting/enforcing on the
plugin repository, yes? If so, is there any way to make this more known
or used? Few of the plugins seem to tag releases if the timeline on the
Wiki is any indication, and I know that I've had several logged
referrals to my site from people looking at the trunk version of my
plugins instead of the tags. It seems like a bit of a support nightmare
if I use the trunk mostly as it's intended for continuing development
and incremental checkins but with Joe Blogowner possibly downloading an
incremental update instead of one of the tags. Is there perhaps a way to
limit public view of anything but the tags?

I don't know what the solution is and I haven't actually been bitten on
this, but it seems like it is ripe for the possibility.


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