[wp-hackers] url_to_postid() improvements

Ryan Boren ryan at boren.nu
Mon Jun 27 19:15:22 GMT 2005

> As many people have noticed, url_to_postid() fails in many cases.  It
creates false positives (suggesting a post ID for URIs that are not
posts) and false negatives (failing on legit post URIs).
> I spent some time identifying the cases that fail and patching the
url_to_postid() function to handle them.
> Some significant changes have been made in 1.6 SVN to the
> url_to_postid() function, but it still fails in many cases.  I also
patched in my changes to that version of the function, but still, it
fails many tests.
> I've set up a page for testing of the 4 functions ( version, patched by me, 1.6 SVN version, and 1.6 SVN patched by me).

Hmm, url_to_post_id() in and 1.6 should be the same. Regardless, I
gave a quick glance at your 1.6 changes and they look goood.  I look over
them more when I get home tonight.  Something that might help eliminate
false positives is changing this:

if ( !empty($query->post) )

to something like this:

if ( $query->is_single || $query->is_page )

Try integrating that into your 1.6 version of url_to_postid() if you think
it would be helpful.  Also, I think some comments explaining the string
manipulations might be usful.  The intent of our query whacking can be
hard to decipher at times.


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