[wp-hackers] Rumor Mill Questions Need Answering

Lorelle VanFossen lorelle at cameraontheroad.com
Sun Jun 26 13:15:43 GMT 2005

The documentation team of volunteers is eagerly reading the hackers and 
testers mailing lists, trying to distill what we need to know in order 
to prepare documents for the next releases, all the way to 1.6. Rumors 
are flying that there will be a new documentation site to handle 1.6. 
New volunteers are now backing out because they do not want their 
efforts to go to waste. So help us clear up some of the rumors, please.

We understand that the development team is working hard to improve the 
interface, the Administration Panels, of WordPress. Our concerns address 
other issues:

1. Will all the current template tags be replaced in the new version(s)? 
Or just expanded and added to?

2. Will Themes, as they are currently structured, continue to work? Or 
need dramatic alterations such as with 1.2 to 1.5?

3. Will Loop structures need to be changed or will they continue to 

4. Will current plugins still work?

5. Will Pages be changed or improved? Will there be another additional 
feature like Pages added to allow the user to work outside of the Loop?

6. WordPress Average User asks, "How much WORK will I have to do to 
upgrade my WordPress site?"

Thank you,

Lorelle and the WordPress Documentation Team
(And to all of them - I've asked them so stop nagging!)

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