[wp-hackers] re-thinking about the way filters work

Amit Gupta amit at igeek.info
Sun Jun 26 05:25:26 GMT 2005

well, another filter like you propose 'the_excerpt_content' won't work as the filter is still being applied to 'the_content' for the post pages & the main page. so that filter will be applied to that 'the_excerpt_content'. the solution is what I suggested, that either 'the_excerpt' shouldn't have any other filters applied except its own or there needs to be another excerpt generation function to whom only its own filters are applied & not that of anyone else.

frankly, what I fail to understand is why do we need to have the filters of 'the_content' applied to 'the_excerpt'?? I mean what use does it serve?? if there's a post excerpt specified, then 'the_content' filters won't be applied to it & if there's not, then both 'the_content' & 'the_excerpt' filters will be applied(some of which will be same). so it won't return the same output in both situations(in case there's excerpt & in case there is no excerpt), which it should(formatting wise)!!

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Ummm.  Guess that's one way, but maybe there needs to be yet-another filter, the_excerpt_content, or something like that, for the generated exerpt.  Also, realize that some folks like me write plugins that use the "get_zzzz" versions of things, so if you are hooking the_excerpt but not get_the_excerpt, the plugin won't necessarily get a properly-processed excerpt (although in this case, it's probably the correct result... highlighting shouldn't affect 'more direct' retrieval, just the 'generic page output tags'.
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