[wp-hackers] Compose Screen

Firas D. fd at firasd.org
Fri Jun 24 14:01:38 GMT 2005

Scott Merrill wrote:

>* There's still some wiggle room for shuffling things around above the
>post composition field.  I realize I forgot to put the comments/pings
>checkboxes back in -- they probably should go after the date section.
Any reason to put all those controls above the post text field than 
below it and above save? They're a bit overwhelming. As in, if I hit 
write, I'd like to put in a title and just start writing.

>I'm sure lots of people on this list will be happy to tear this proposal
>apart, since it's only a modest step beyond the original post screen.
>Please show me something substantially better.
* The categories could use a new category input box.
* The 'existing timestamp' note needs to go; the existing timestamp is 
the timestamp in the date/time form.

Right now, you have

[Draft/Page/Post] | Save |

I'd do

[Draft/Published/Private] [Page/Post] | Save |


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