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Stefano steagl at people.it
Thu Jun 23 19:40:51 GMT 2005

Il Thu, 23 Jun 2005 14:10:21 -0400, Scott Merrill <skippy at skippy.net>

>> Please use it before commenting? 
>Why?  The old admin interface, while maybe not perfect, was servicable.
> Changes from that foundation can address usability, and workflow,
>without adding gimmickery.

Cause if you will test it before you will notice that posting panel
it's not so gimmickery, but allow people have the whole advanced user
interface shorter windows (less scroll need) easy arrangement for
puttin in vidence things that people use etc.

Maybe you will find it not perfect, and maybe you will suggest how to
improve it. Saiyng thqt the old one was not perfect bot workable and
there is no need to change it it's pointless.

>The same variable layout could be accomplished in any of several ways.
>Preferably in a way that respected individual author preferences.

Check it and you will see that it does what are you talking about,
arrange things in a way the single blogger like... and it's just a
first step, not the final appearance/functionlity one

>How about a completely plugin-driven post interface?  Plugins present
>whatever form(s) they want, and hand the POSTed data off to WP handler
>functions for that data, which in turn performs error checking, saving
>to the database, etc.  Then we can have as spartan or as fancy an
>interface as we want.

I suppose this can be accomplished with the new interface too, how
many blogger (not tecchy ones, I mean the under the average user, and
they are motre than the 50% of WP audience i think) will mess with
plugins that maybe interact not perfectly? I don't think so, and what
nightmare would be for support people in forum ansswer questions about
things like that when on 100 people asking help 75 of them have 75
different plugin inteface ruynnibg? A really big terrible nightmare.

A clean screen, easy to understand, that have all the necessary
functions already present, arranged in a nice way too (consider that
product have to be nice not only in a technical way but in a fashion
way too just for marketing reason) that's nice pluggable for advanced
user it's the answer, and I think the way taken for 1.6 should answer
to this request.

>Are you seriously asserting that sliding widgets improves usability?
>I agree wholeheartedly with your second sentence above.  I just don't
>think that this approach really makes thing simpler.

Sliding maybe not improve improve usability as WYSIWYG, but it neither
reduce it, it makes the Write page simplier, hiding to first time user
some "strange" option but making them availabel when users after a
period of usage get curious about what there is down there.

Actually an user can stick to simple write page screen without knowing
at all about advanced function for years. Yu will have to analize the
whole new screnn immagine it with WYSIWYG editorn in place, with image
upload there too... not just pointing your finget to "sliding" stuff,
the same page could be done without sliding stuff but same design,
it's like have leather seat in a car, it works even without leather...
but it's a nice addendum that I don't think involved developpers to
spend weeks on developping it, but make the new WP kepp going with new
stuff appearing around.

Obviusly if sliding stuff will be the only innovation it would be
useless... but it's not so why just stress on it, without having teste
the whole new cake? :)

>Now, if -- on the post screen -- my mom could dynamically resize the
>textbox for post entry, she might be impressed.

That's a good suggestion,


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