[wp-hackers] Plugins installing db tables automatically

Jalenack jalenack at gmail.com
Thu Jun 23 05:02:46 GMT 2005

Greetings wp-hackers,

I've just written up an article on the Codex for plugin authors, on how to 
make plugins create their own tables in the WP database. Before this gets 
*released* into the Codex, I thought I'd run it by you guys. I want to know 
if you have any quibbles about the code or suggestions. This is an important 
article for the Codex, so it needs to be as accurate as possible.

The main point of the article is efficiency. We don't want to check/install 
the table every time a page is loaded. So keep that in mind as you're 
reading it. Go ahead and make comments on the discussion page



Andrew Sutherland
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