[wp-hackers] UI development for 1.6

Firas D. fd at firasd.org
Tue Jun 21 21:42:18 GMT 2005

Terrence Wood wrote:

> 7. Change 'save and continue editing' button to a checkbox 'continue 
> editing' and just have the 'save' and 'publish' buttons.


Write Post:
    Save and Continue Editing, *Save*, Publish

Edit Post:
    Save and Continue Editing, *Save*

Edit Draft:
    Save and Continue Editing, *Save*, Publish

I'd venture that any time meant to be saved by not having people hit 
additional form controls is wasted by having them read the text on the 
bunch of buttons. Unless there's an important reason to maintain this 
design, It should at least be:

    | *Save* | [x] Continue Editing

My recommendation is to remove the Publish button too, given that the 
toggle in the sidebar is setting the post status between 
Private/Draft/Publish (that would also have the nice side effect of 
having the same exact set of buttons, whatever the posts' attributes), 
but that might not fit the users' mode-of-thinking well.


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