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Martin Geisler mgeisler at mgeisler.net
Tue Jun 21 08:27:03 GMT 2005

Scott Merrill <skippy at skippy.net> writes:

> These folks have neither the time nor the inclination to support
> bleeding edge releases.  Yet invariably people come to the support
> forums seeking help on said bleeding edge releases.

I'm sure you're right -- I don't personally look through the forums
because I much prefer my mail/news client to my webbrowser when it
comes to engaging in discussions.

> When the inevitable bleeding edge support questions trickle into the
> forums, I am going to link to the following:
>     http://codex.wordpress.org/Supported_Versions
> and then close the thread.

Which I think is an okay solution.

Maybe it's a matter of proportions and the target user group: other
projects which I've been following (the Enlightenment project for
example) have never had 300.000+ downloads of their software releases,
and their target audiences were of a more geekish nature.

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