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Roy Schestowitz r at schestowitz.com
Sat Jun 18 14:38:48 GMT 2005

Quoting Max Winde <max.winde at projekt-brot.de>:

> I'm not completly sure. But tha last days I've got sick of updating
> pulgins on five seperate installations. After updating I've got to
> check the updates five times. That rises the chance of making
> mistakes by five times. :)

If you initialise all blogs consistently, here is what I suggest:

-Install a base blog in directory ~/blog1

-Customise ~/blog1 by adding plug-ins and testing thoroughly

-Once done, clone ~/blog1, e.g.:

cp -r ~/blog1 ~/blog2
cp -r ~/blog1 ~/blog3

-Dump a copy of blog1's database, e.g.

mysqldump --user [DB_username] --password=[DB_password] [DB_name]>

-Create 4 new databases (say username_blog2..5) and initialise them

-'Restore' username_blog2..5 by using the sql dump from blog1

-Change the database connection settings for blog2..5

-You now have 5 installations that are identical.

Good luck,


> Okay, my first problem, not a quite simple one: in WP 1.5.x I have
> the option to show at most 3 days in the blog. Thats cool for the
> index Page but it is also valid for the archive and for the search
> results - even worse I don't have a "show older results"-link. I
> could try to fix it that way that the show older results links are
> also visible on the search and archive page - but I'm not sure if
> this would be good at all - wouldn't a "show maximum number of posts"-
> option be more usefull here? The problem about this is that in my
> first step here I would not just fix a little bug but would change
> the way WordPress works. I want to make my changes to be part of the
> next WordPress realease to avoid having to patch five blogs the next
> time a WordPress release is going to roll out - I'm sure it will
> simply a mess after some relasing. Change it or simply switch to
> "show 10 posts"?
> Max

Roy S. Schestowitz

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