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Max Winde max.winde at projekt-brot.de
Sat Jun 18 13:35:51 GMT 2005

Am 18.06.2005 um 11:15 schrieb David House:

> Hi Max! Welcome to the wp-hackers mailing list and the WordPress  
> community.
> On 6/17/05, Max Winde <max.winde at projekt-brot.de> wrote:
>> All of these blogs are running on WordPress and I'll try to make them
>> running from a single WordPress installation the next few days.
> Can I just ask why you would want to do that? Surely if you have five
> seperate blogs you'd want five seperate WP installations... it seems
> like things would be a lot simpler that way.

I'm not completly sure. But tha last days I've got sick of updating  
pulgins on five seperate installations. After updating I've got to  
check the updates five times. That rises the chance of making  
mistakes by five times. :)

Okay, my first problem, not a quite simple one: in WP 1.5.x I have  
the option to show at most 3 days in the blog. Thats cool for the  
index Page but it is also valid for the archive and for the search  
results - even worse I don't have a "show older results"-link. I  
could try to fix it that way that the show older results links are  
also visible on the search and archive page - but I'm not sure if  
this would be good at all - wouldn't a "show maximum number of posts"- 
option be more usefull here? The problem about this is that in my  
first step here I would not just fix a little bug but would change  
the way WordPress works. I want to make my changes to be part of the  
next WordPress realease to avoid having to patch five blogs the next  
time a WordPress release is going to roll out - I'm sure it will  
simply a mess after some relasing. Change it or simply switch to  
"show 10 posts"?



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