[wp-hackers] Hi!

Max Winde max.winde at projekt-brot.de
Fri Jun 17 13:40:34 GMT 2005

My name is Max and I'm the developer of the just a few days ago  
founded "Spreeblick Verlag" - the first german publishing house  
dedicated to blogs. For now we have 5 blogs, e.g. http:// 
spreeblick.com - on of the most popular blogs in Germany and some new  
blogs written by experienced blogges: http://antifreeze.de (music),  
http://lautgeben.de (politics), http://trashkurs.de (home recording)  
and http://zoomo.de (radio and TV).

All of these blogs are running on WordPress and I'll try to make them  
running from a single WordPress installation the next few days. I  
have allready written some plugins (image manipulation and placement,  
some addsense stuff, a simply reminder function for the tv blog...)  
which we will release for free within the next few weeks.

Also I want to try to contribute to the WordPress development.



     [:: ]  projekt Brot
            max.winde at projekt-brot.de
            0177 671 93 56

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