[wp-hackers] Let's whip WYSIWYG

Moises Kirsch moi at kirsch.com.mx
Thu Jun 16 14:50:39 GMT 2005

> Agreed. That wouldn't make much sense. My point is that the look  
> and feel of the post is largely determined by the theme. A wysiwyg  
> editor that displays the bold text in normal bold where the theme  
> might actually be displaying bold text in large red text doesn't  
> seem like it would help much. The fact that filters can add  
> additional content to a post just widens the gap between what the  
> post will really look like and what the wysiwyg editor displays. As  
> someone already mentioned, processing the filters to update the  
> wysiwyg display is not an easy task and may not even be worth the  
> effort required. However getting an editor to display the theme's  
> look seems reachable. (Statements like that are easy from the cheap  
> seats.)

Some of the editors have an option where you can edit the CSS used to  
display the WYSIWYG form so you could actually make it look exactly  
like the theme.

There could be a standard use of CSS classes or something similar and  
we could have a script that grabs that info from the theme so it can  
be used with the editor.


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