[wp-hackers] Text Flow Again (Was: Let's whip WYSIWYG)

Matthew Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Wed Jun 15 22:51:50 GMT 2005

Michel Fortin wrote:
> This is a *design* issue; adding new filter hooks won't help much. What 
> is needed is a change to the default WordPress text flow, in the order 
> filters are run and the way some filters work to accomodate the new text 
> flow. I thought this was pretty obvious from [my weblog entry about 
> this][1] and [what I said before on this list][2].

I read through your article and I think there are some incorrect 

1. Removing filters is a bad thing. It's not, that's why we have the 
2. Balancetags is always enabled
3. We could make the_excerpt processing be filters (more hooks!)

Then you talk for several paragraphs about things that were fixed in 
1.5. 1.5 has been downloaded over 300,000 times, I think it's a safe 
baseline and many other plugins require it. All comment processing 
should happen before things are saved to the DB.

I would be happy to incorporate changes for the text flow to be more 
accomodating to alternate syntaxes, however besides changing how 
the_excerpt processes it's not clear to me what are some specific things 
we could do to make things easier.

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