[wp-hackers] Let's whip WYSIWYG

Bill Smith ml_wordpress at copperleaf.org
Tue Jun 14 12:04:48 GMT 2005

David House wrote:

>I'm not saying this is a bad development route to take, but if we add
>WYSIWYG support, we'd have to drop the word 'semantic' from our
>mission statement.
It seems to me for a wysiwyg editor to be truly useful here, it's going 
to have to display after all the applicable filters have been processed 
and after applying the current theme (theme switchers make this more 
complicated). I have a plugin that does tag substitution at filter time 
and can do it differently depending on which is the current theme. If 
there is an editor that can do this (I assume heavy mods to any of them 
mention would be required), then I think we can still meet the 
"semantic" statement. This lead to the same discussion that have been 
had in the past <em> vs <i>, <strong> vs <b>, etc. in regards to 
buttons, etc.


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