[wp-hackers] WPG2 Plug-in User Creation Issue

Ozgreg ozgreg at gmail.com
Sat Jun 11 11:59:04 GMT 2005


The majority of you would not be aware of the Wordpress Gallery2 
Plug-in project (http://wpg2.ozgreg.com/) that links the two products 
together via a series of embed'd G2 API calls..

One of the minor issues remaining is the management of users which 
are automatically synched between wordpress and Gallery2 via API calls.

It is the synching of users which is the subject of this email..

At present from what we can see, WP has two hooks we can utilise for 
user maintenance.


Which are fine when a WP user registers / changes passwords, however 
if an admin maintains a user record we appear to have no hooks to 
ensuring that admin user maintenance is reflected in Gallery2

The option we are utilising is the add_action('admin_menu') which is 
less than ideal

Basically we need / are looking for hooks to directly trap the 
following events..

user creation -> add_action('user_register')
user maintenance ->  unknown
Admin User Creation -> unknown
Admin User Maintenance -> unknown

Thanks and I hope you can help
WPG2 Team.

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