[wp-hackers] Diagnostics

Sebastian Herp newsletter at scytheman.net
Sat Jun 4 11:02:27 GMT 2005

I installed it and it's a nice thing. I would prefer if wordpress had 
this option buildin, because there might be outher plugins in the 
wp_footer-action that are querying the database (e.g. BAstats). Another 
thing is, that not all slowness comes from database-access. Maybe 
wordpress could measure the time every plugin is active or something in 
its diagnostics mode ...

btw: two things on the queries:
1. to get all static pages there is first a query to find out what the 
id, title and name of those are and then there is one query per 'page' 
to get its content. Is this really neccessary?

2. same with normal postings ... they are being pulled out of the 
database (with every information available) and then there is a query 
for each post to find out its meta-data which should already be there ...

Much potential to speed up some things and finally get wordpress to 
output the frontpage in under 300 ms on a duron 1600 with 512 MB ram :-)


Podz wrote:

> In case you missed it ...
> A post to the forums about possible wp / mysql performance -
> http://wordpress.org/support/topic/35279 - has lead to the first 
> plugin that I know of which can help in tracking down 'slowness'. Up 
> to now it's been a case of "deactivate everything" and "email your 
> host" so something that helps us do some diagnosis in-house must be a 
> good thing. It is certainly something I will be asking users to 
> implement at appropriate times - comments ? improvements ? thoughts ?
> http://vapourtrails.ca/downloads/jeromes-query-diagnostics.zip
> P.

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