[wp-hackers] Missing templates

Moises Kirsch moi at kirsch.com.mx
Wed Jun 1 22:58:27 GMT 2005

First of all... this is not a bug, a complain or anything similar...  
this is just a feature request that I feel that it is important.

One of wordpress biggest advantages are a) the plugin system and b)  
the theme/template system... but I feel that there are at least 3  
templates missing:

a) wp-login
b) wp-register
c) wp-admin/profile

The way I see this is that wordpress has the option to only let  
registered users to post comments... but if you turn on this option  
when they try to register, login or change their profile it feel like  
leaving the website since all this pages have the look and feel of  
the wp-admin area and not the rest of the common-user-frontend.

I really don't know how hard it is to convert this pages to the  
template system... I know that editing them by hand it isn't so hard  
but it would completely loose the point of having a template system  
and not being able to use it on this pages.

I'm willing to help on this if anyone can give me a hint on how to  
accomplish this.



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