[wp-hackers] The Dashboard Needs Attention

Aaron Brazell aaron at technosailor.com
Sat Dec 31 08:01:22 GMT 2005

> Once  the cookies are in place, just bookmark (or add to your portal)  the
> following two links:
> http://<site>/wp-admin/post.php
> http://<site>/wp-admin/edit.php
> I  have done this for a long time on several installations because it  im-
> proves  efficiency. I do the same with cPanel, among other tools, in order
> to  avoid  gateway  pages. If you have users, insist that they  use  those
> links or simply hide the usual paths.

I really think this issue is being discussed not as a how-to get around the dashboard.  I think it's being discussed because it is a waste of bandwidth and provides information not relevant to WordPress

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