[wp-hackers] The Dashboard Needs Attention

Ryan Duff ryan at ryanduff.net
Sat Dec 31 03:39:00 GMT 2005

Rob wrote:
> Amit Gupta wrote:
>> David House <dmhouse at gmail.com <mailto:dmhouse at gmail.com>> wrote:
>> |  After two minutes of looking, it's not a problem with the code. The
>> |  boxes at the bottom come from the planet.wordpress.org feed, so
>> |  someone with access to the feeds there just needs to tweak it so that
>> |  we're only subscribed the wordpress feeds.
>> why not also put in an option by which a person can turn this thing off?
> I always wondered about that, it seems a weird thing not to have as a 
> preference. I hate the Dashboard, I'd much prefer it to go straight to 
> the post screen (like it did in 1.2, iirc?).

Not to mention, there is STILL a delay when it loads (every time I try 
to go to the admin side) while I wait for it to try and update. It 
always did annoy me that I had to wait 5-10 seconds every time I went in 
just to wait for something I never read refresh.

Something to forward to the post screen would be nice, or the option to 
turn it off. What about doing it after it loads like the pings do when 
posting in 2.0? Show the cached feed still when you log in and once the 
page is loaded it can check for the feeds and update them so next time 
you hit the dashboard its up to date?

Yes, it won't be up to date the first time you log in after 2 weeks, but 
how many people actually read it anyway? What percentage of hits do the 
people listed on planet get from somebody's dashboard?

Ryan Duff
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