[wp-hackers] Trac Spam Attack Round Four

Scott Merrill skippy at skippy.net
Thu Dec 29 15:01:02 GMT 2005

Robert Deaton wrote:
> http://trac.wordpress.org/timeline
> This is round number four (that I've seen.) I've already cleaned 3,
> and I've contacted Matt about it via IRC and e-mail three times, and
> still the same exact user has not been banned.
> I'm hoping that this mail more brings attention to the fact that there
> is spam there than anything else. Normal users can't clean it up like
> those with Trac access, so there isn't really a point in trying unless
> you're Scott or Mark, but maybe the rest of you can help me light a
> fire under Matt so we can actually get something done.

I hereby official request more bug gardeners to be promoted.  My own
participation has been less than adequate.  I will happily bequeath my
own bug gardener status to someone else, too, if that's what it takes.

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