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Spark djspark at gmail.com
Wed Dec 28 14:35:31 GMT 2005

 I'm not someone is aware, but the search on wordpress.org is not
working. i've tried several times, in different areas, with some
expressions. sometimes it reurns an ugly 404 , sometimes a cute one.

 I also could not find a changelog for the 2.0 version, nor the API
list with new/changed functions. That's what I need the most, to use
all the enhacementes made 'under the hood' in WP2.0

 Tried to register in the support area, unsuccessifully, and the
password recovery didn't sent any email to me (with my old username
nor the new one).

 I only sent this to the list, because they sound quite important when
a software is released , and a website updated :)

 thank you all for the *great* work in WP2.0 !!!

[web] http://synapsisdi.com.br
[livesets] http://djspark.com.br

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