[wp-hackers] select all users with role X

Denis de Bernardy denis at semiologic.com
Tue Dec 27 04:31:55 GMT 2005

Might make sense... Though, someone will likely come up with a plugin for
others to use. ;)

Irony set aside, would storing this kind of data in a more rational way be a
good feature for WP 2.1?


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> On 12/26/05, Denis de Bernardy <denis at semiologic.com> wrote:
> > that's probably not an option with a large list. imho, create and 
> > maintain a separate table.
> >
> So, any plugin author who wants to select users by roles, or 
> even by multiple roles, should be expected to maintain their 
> own table, or iterate over every user out of the database? 
> Hell, we should just move to flat files for all of this, 
> what's the point in using MySQL?
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