[wp-hackers] WordPress 2.0 Permalinks and lighttpd

Robert Deaton false.hopes at gmail.com
Fri Dec 23 23:28:29 GMT 2005

I've been using WordPress with lighttpd for some time with no
problems. Up until now, I was using 1.5.2 on my site, with the patch
by michel_v from a few months back that let /archives/ work via the
404 method. 2.0 however, breaks this patch, and makes it entirely
unclear as to what to do to fix it, since all of this server stuff is
voodoo. If anybody has any ideas, I'd greatly appreciate them, I've
been fiddling with this for the past few weeks to no avail. Here's a
list of things that do and don't work

These work:
Individual posts:
Archives by day (I don't think this is the intended behavior though):

Doesn't work:
Archives by month and year.

My permalink structure is: /archives/%day%/%monthnum%/%year%/%postname%/

--Robert Deaton

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