[wp-hackers] When a ping is sent ?

Jeff Minard jeff at jrm.cc
Tue Dec 20 15:45:13 GMT 2005

Andy Skelton wrote:
> Neither is impacted. In the new function spawn_pinger(), we use
> fsockopen to start a new thread via HTTP. AFAIK it's the only
> platform-independent way to do this without involving the user agent.

Why not just hook into the shutdown function? That option operates after 
sending all client data, would have no impact on either user, and 
wouldn't require spawning another thread/database connection/etc.

  - http://us3.php.net/manual/en/function.register-shutdown-function.php

In fact, you can use the wordpress API to hook into the "shutdown" hook 
which will do the same thing.

Regardless -- didn't this all get moved to the admin footer? Launched in 
an iframe? I was under the impression that 2.0 put a "toping" postmeta 
on a post at post time, and then the admin footer would list all the 
"toping" posts and deal with them.


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