[wp-hackers] Tags in 2.0

Owen Winkler ringmaster at midnightcircus.com
Thu Dec 15 14:27:46 GMT 2005

Nik Cubrilovic wrote:
> Hi Everyone, I have an idea for tag's in 2.0 - and that is to add a
> drop down to the link editing pop-up that specifies the rel for the
> link. The drop-down will have 'none', and 'tag' and then possible XFN
> options ('my site', 'friend' etc.). I know that this is happening with
> weblog links, but I haven't seen anybody yet do this with content
> links. So has it been done, should it be done? Asking before I go away
> and actually do it.

This doesn't seem a bad idea, but I foresee difficulty.

The link popup thing in TinyMCE is written in javascript and included 
from javascript.  You can write plugins for TinyMCE to extend 
functionality, and although I'm not sure if this area is one that is 
explicitly extendable, you could always remove the existing link button 
and add your own via a plugin.

The potential problem is that you may end up putting plugin code in two 
places - one in wp-content/plugins (if you're planning on adding any 
server-side support, like selecting from links in the WP link manager), 
and one in wp-includes/js/TinyMCE, which is not supposed to be a 
user-serviceable directory.

Of course, people have been ignoring the "don't modify the core files" 
doctrine for a while now, and this isn't too bad of an infraction, so 
maybe you'll have luck with it.

It would be useful in core code if the TinyMCE plugin directory could be 
shunted into wp-content instead of wp-includes.

Incidentally, it took me reading all of the replies to this message to 
figure out what you were talking about.  That's my own fault, I guess, 
but here's my rewording of what I think you want to do:  You want to add 
specific rel="friend/family/etc" attributes to links in post content by 
adding to the popup UI that TinyMCE uses to make and edit new links.


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