[wp-hackers] Tags in 2.0

Nik Cubrilovic cubrilovic at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 10:23:08 GMT 2005

On 15/12/05, ifelse <wordswithstyle at gmail.com> wrote:
> > "will there be a standard spell checker included in base"
>  Why incorporate something into the base:
>  a) which a lot of people won't use
>  b) not everyone can use
>  c) is easily, readily available as a plugin
>  d) is bulky
>  A external and often extraneous feature such as a spellchecker is better
> suited as a plugin rather than as a core feature.

Yes, and I asked if there is one that works with 2.0. The other reason
should be that doing multi-lingual spell-checking isn't simple and the
whole world doesn't speak just English. Installing a browser plugin
for me is easy you see, but I install at least one Wordpress blog a
week for various friends and people and I get the same request each
time - spellcheck.

As for tagging, I was referring to writting a plugin, I didn't make
that clear. I asked if this had been done or if there was any form of
tagging plugin for 2.0 as my search for one was fruitless. Why is
having a simple rel drop-down for content links confusing, but when
adding an ordinary link it is not (especially since the ordinary link
options are long and exhaustive)?


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