[wp-hackers] Tags in 2.0

Nik Cubrilovic cubrilovic at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 01:10:03 GMT 2005

Hi Everyone, I have an idea for tag's in 2.0 - and that is to add a
drop down to the link editing pop-up that specifies the rel for the
link. The drop-down will have 'none', and 'tag' and then possible XFN
options ('my site', 'friend' etc.). I know that this is happening with
weblog links, but I haven't seen anybody yet do this with content
links. So has it been done, should it be done? Asking before I go away
and actually do it.

And on another note - is there a spell-checker that is working with
2.0, and will there be a standard spell checker included in base?

Cheer, Nik

Nik Cubrilovic Weblog  -  <http://www.nik.com.au>

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