[wp-hackers] users vs. usermeta

Rob powzor at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 18:29:21 GMT 2005

Owen Winkler wrote:
> I recon you sould check out the manage_caps_page hook, which will 
> allow plugin authors to output custom form elements on the user 
> profile page.
> New form elements there will allow plugin authors to use whatever 
> controls they want (text field, checkbox, flash applet, etc.) to set 
> values for what usermeta values they want to store.
> The core code will probably not include a dynamic way to add new input 
> controls based on teh data in the usermeta specifically for the 
> reasons you outlined:  It can't know what control type you want to 
> use, and it doesn't know whether to display the information at all.
> For example, core user capabilities are stored as a serialized array 
> in one row of the usermeta table for each user.  How does the user 
> page know not to display this?  Worse yet, if it did know how to 
> display it, that could allow users to edit their own permissions!
> Better to leave interface elements to the plugin authors themselves 
> for what usermeta info they want to store.
> Owen
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Yeah, I guess so :)

Rob Miller
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