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Roy Schestowitz r at schestowitz.com
Tue Dec 13 18:08:54 GMT 2005

_____/ On Tue 13 Dec 2005 14:54:07 GMT, [Owen Winkler] wrote : \_____

> Podz wrote:
>> Podz wrote:
>>> Trackback 2 urls on my blog. Same urls each time.
>>> If the tb's are comma separated, none get sent.
>>> If they are space separated, one gets sent - the last one.
>> Can anyone confirm / not confirm this ?
> I created a new post on my localhost WP 2.0.  I added two trackbacks 
> with a space between them.  One to RedAlt and one to Asymptomatic.  
> Both trackbacks were received.
> I did not try commas, but I wouldn't expect that to work, given the 
> instructions on the page.  The knowledge I have about how trackbacks 
> are processed says that using a comma and not a space would cause the 
> urls to be concatenated into a single invalid url:
> http://redalt.com/ping,http://asymptomatic.net/?p=21
> Using a comma and a space would put a comma at the end of the first 
> url, and that would probably cause it to fail, since the comma is not 
> recognized as part of a valid url by the receiving server.
> Anyway, those are my results.
> Owen

* Using WP 1.5.2 to compose.

* Posting a dummy item with trackbacks sent to two separate domains running WP

* First test:

   trackback field contains [URL1] [URL2]
   both trackbacks received at both ends

* Second test:

   trackback field contains [URL1], [URL2]
   only second trackback is received

Hope it helps,


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