[wp-hackers] internationalization of javascripts

Nikolay Bachiyski nbachiyski at developer.bg
Mon Dec 12 20:41:58 GMT 2005

Since javascript files are plain text their internatinalization is 
harder. Is it possible that all .js files are converted to .php ones?

I have made a sample patch for wp-admin/list-manipulation.js, converted 
to wp-admin/list-manipulation.js.php [].

There are, of course some issues, especially concerning the caching of 
those files. I, myself, have not much experience with HTTP's cache 
directives, but if somebody is proficient in this area, why not put all 
javascripts, to some extent, under conrtrol?

If you all agree, I volunteer to convert all the files needed 
(fortunately for TinyMCE, these are only the lang files :) ).

Happy happy,

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