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Podz podz at tamba2.org.uk
Sun Dec 11 16:20:26 GMT 2005


"When writing a new post, right above the box for inserting trackback
URIs it says:

Separate multiple URIs with spaces.

But when I look at the help page
(http://wordpress.org/docs/reference/post/#trackback), it says:

Trackback an URL
This sends trackback pings to the URLs you specify in this field. You
can trackback multiple URLs by separating them with commas. Whitespace
between things is insignificant. For more information about Trackbacks
see Trackback explained. (Which doesn't exist yet.)

I got to the above link from the bookmarklet help link. Is the
information in the above link outdated? Which is the correct way to
insert multiple trackback URIs? "

So I went and tested.
From my Testblog - which is running svn if it matters:

Trackback 2 urls on my blog. Same urls each time.
If the tb's are comma separated, none get sent.
If they are space separated, one gets sent - the last one.


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