[wp-hackers] The Whois in comment emails

Amit Gupta wp at igeek.info
Wed Dec 7 22:41:47 GMT 2005

Podz <podz at tamba2.org.uk> wrote:
|  But what did it do ? I can't see what it's there for.
|  The 'author' line gives the IP and the provider. The anti-spam 
|  we have now would seem to do a better job of any Whois so if the
|  original intent was that it gave a blog owner more information then 
|  this not been superceded ? If someone is open about their info, then 
|  will be in the author line. If they are not then the Whois line adds
|  nothing either.
|  Just thinking out loud :)

I maybe wrong in interpreting what you mean but I think that you are 
to say that it would be better to do away with display of IP of a 
author, right? Well, I wouldn't support that, since that can be a fairly 
bit of info for a blog admin despite the advancement of the current 
plugins for WordPress. One usefulness that I see is that if I see spam 
repeatedly from one IP, then I just block that IP for sometime using my 
file, which in turn saves my precious bandwidth from being wasted, which
none of the current anti-spam tools does. Bad Behavior can come to that 
but still it requires WP to be loaded & processed, I think that blocking 
.htaccess is more effective than Bad Behavior, since the former method 
applied directly on the server & hence requires no script execution.

Just my thoughts!! :)

Amit Gupta
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