[wp-hackers] Posting still slow

Piers Karsenbarg email at piersonthe.net
Wed Aug 31 09:58:49 GMT 2005

What is it that makes the posting process slow? Whenever I make a post, it 
doesn't take very long, but then I don't ping a lot of sites. 

Oh, hi by the way. I'm Piers from the UK. I'm a long time user of MT, but am 
in the process of moving over to WP and wanted to get involved. 


On 8/31/05, Podz < podz at tamba2.org.uk> wrote:
> David House wrote:
> > How about popping up a little explanatory notice saying 'Now inserting 
> > your post. This can take a couple of minutes, please be patient...'. I
> > know 'a couple of minutes' is an overestimation for all but the
> > slowest servers, but underpromise, overdeliver :)
> >
> ...Rebuilding... ?
> :)
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