[wp-hackers] Posting still slow

Scott Berkun scott at scottberkun.com
Wed Aug 31 04:17:14 GMT 2005

Another approach : Actual perf vs. perceived perf.

Long pauses break the user experience because they have no idea what's going 
on - did it crash? did mysql go down?  DSL? Or more specifically: Is 
wordpress nuking my brilliant post?

So if we just give better UI feedback during the post process as to what's 
happening it can make the perceived perf better - or at least less 

Various games, browsers, and apps show the different UI tricks we could do 
(I've done most of them at one time or another on IE and Windows). Some are 
cheap, some are cheesy, but sometimes you can break a big perf sink into 3 
or 4 smaller ones, and people are happy, sometimes even believe it's working 
faster, even though the actual perf is the same.

Does the heavy lifter thread expose any status info?   Or could be made to 
do so without negatively impacting actual perf? Is there any way for the 
posting screen to know how far along the heavy lift thread is?


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> Matthew Mullenweg wrote:
>> I've been finding even with #1580 http://trac.wordpress.org/ticket/1580 
>> posting can still be really slow. Anybody have additional ideas for ways 
>> we can make this part of the WP experience more streamlined?
> To start things off:
> We could just publish the post, then have an iframe in the results page 
> that calls the script that does all the heavy lifting.

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