[wp-hackers] Trackback Validator plugin now available.

Matt Mullenweg m at mullenweg.com
Wed Aug 24 22:16:01 GMT 2005

dan sandler wrote:
> In a way, you're right; it's arguably the best feature of Pingback.
> Unfortunately, PB doesn't let Alice specify the text she wants to put
> on Bob's blog, limiting its usefulness for leaving coherent comments.
> That's one of the nice things about the Trackback idea (i.e., it's a
> little more than just a link) but without link checking it's
> fundamentally open to abuse.

And at the same time you're removing the best feature of Trackback, in 
fact what it was designed for: category aggregation. Trackback doesn't 
require a link back by design, not as a mistake.

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