[wp-hackers] Haven't installed WordPress yet - run, install.php

Lorelle VanFossen lorelle at cameraontheroad.com
Sat Aug 20 18:09:31 GMT 2005

Thanks for the help. This wasn't a support question as much as a look at 
how this happens for future reference. I solved the issue of the install 
link sitting there by creating a new index.php from a stripped down 
front page version of the site (with no template tags and everything 
hard coded) and replacing the index.php to that with a note that said 
"site down".

I will be working something up about this for the Codex, but it got me 
thinking about a work around for when this happens due to a server 
glitch or some other issue that required TIME before the fix was 
available. Having a second php file that was a stripped down version of 
a note that says "Site Under Repair or Construction", something really 
vague and editable, and adding a link to the error that says, "If the 
problem is known and you are awaiting a resolution or solution, click 
this button to post a public note to your users that the site is under 
repair and will be active again soon." Then the link would initiate a 
renaming of the index.php to indexback.php and indexrepair.php to 
index.php with the message in it.

Probably more than WordPress wants to do, but you never know where a 
good idea may come from. For the two days my site was down because of 
the server's lack of foresight that their little "force you to change 
passwords" caused, this would have been really handy. And it might be 
handy for those who are waiting for help from the forum but need 
something to entertain the visitors.


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