[wp-hackers] Haven't installed WordPress yet - run install.php

Lorelle VanFossen lorelle at cameraontheroad.com
Thu Aug 18 14:32:01 GMT 2005

Due to an unannounced security change with my server, for hours now 
people visiting my site have been greeted with:

   " It doesn't look like you've installed WP yet. Try running 
install.php <http://www.cameraontheroad.com/wp-admin/install.php>."

I have updated the password for access to my server, but it seems this 
security change has borked access to my database but I can't gain access 
to the database because the server is updating whatever it is that is 
screwing up access.  So for HOURS this has been sitting there.

I have no idea how many people have visited and clicked install.php. So 
it makes me wonder if this is the kind of thing we need to have sitting 
there if the wp-config.php isn't able to access the database.  Is there 
something more secure to do? I don't know what the alternative is, and I 
don't know what running install.php a few dozen times will do to my 
site, and I'm not sure how often this will be a major issue like it is 
right now, but I think it's worthy of mention.

I hear that several other hosts are doing the same thing, hopefully 
faster and more successfully than my host, so I posted a note with 
general instructions on what to do if this happens to you at 


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