[wp-hackers] Post content prerendering for WP 1.6

Mark Jaquith mark.wordpress at txfx.net
Wed Aug 17 14:40:44 GMT 2005

Owen Winkler wrote:

> So just to clarify-  If you have a plugin that adds static content  to 
> a post (content that doen't change unless the post itself changes) via 
> the the_content plugin hook, you should switch your code to sink 
> the_content_filtered instead to reap the benefits of the cached 
> filtering.
> the_content will continut to work as always, and the results won't be 
> cached.
> Have I got it?

That's right.  Only the post as it looks after being passed through 
"the_content_filtered" will be cached.  The dynamic "the_content" stuff 
will happen on every load, as before.  This rather diminishes the 
immediate benefit, but maximizes backwards compatibility.  And heck... 
it's not that hard to search/replace your plugins and make them use the 
_filtered version, if you want to maximize your benefit too.

Mark Jaquith
MCincubus @ #wordpress

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