[wp-hackers] Version RPC

Peter Westwood peter.westwood at ftwr.co.uk
Mon Aug 15 20:40:32 GMT 2005

Firas D. wrote:

> David House wrote:
>> On 15/08/05, Robert Deaton <false.hopes at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Why not one that returns a serialized array of all the info you need?
>> We could have this as a fourth URL. URLs are cheap. I just love the
>> simplicity to ouptut the latest version:
>> readfile('http://rpc.wordpress.org/latest-stable/');
> Wishlist for the combined URL:
> 1) Latest version string (as in version.php)
> 2) Date of revision
> 3) SVN location (branch, tags, trunk?) and Revision
I would add to this:
4) Link to release notification
5) A short text message
6) A severity level for the message - ie is the upgrade critical due to 
security fixes or only recommended because of new features.

This brings it closer to the user feedback that wp-version-check 
[http://blog.ftwr.co.uk/wordpress/wp-version-check/] gives.

I have attached the current source of the simple XML-RPC webservice that 
wp-version-check currently uses to return this information based on the 
wordpress version that submits the request.

If we want to integrate something with this level of sophistication into 
the core then I am quite willing to work on a patch. (I have a bit of 
spare time at the moment as I have been signed off work till the 24 
August with a chest infection)

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