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Scott Merrill skippy at skippy.net
Wed Aug 10 21:54:03 GMT 2005

I would like to invite everyone on this list to help us trim down the
number of open tickets at http://trac.wordpress.org/

It's easy!

We've been adding tags to the tickets we review, to help us quickly
search for tickets by status.  Our tags are:
bg|has-patch -- the ticket includes a patch
bg|needs-patch -- the ticket needs a patch
bg|2nd-opinion -- someone else should weigh in on the ticket
bg|dev-feedback -- the ticket should be reviewed by a developer

We've already flagged a bunch of tickets as "bg|2nd-opinion":

Same for "bg|has-patch":
and "bg|needs-patch":

What we need are people to test the patches, to make sure they work as
desired.  Report success or failure as an addendum to the original ticket.

We also need people to help us generate patches!  Review the list of
bugs in need of a patch.  If you know how to fix the problem, add a
patch, and adjust the ticket's tags appropriately.

If you've responded to Matt's request for fixes:
now's your chance to (hopefully) fast-track your items into the core.
Find your items in the trac list, and set their milestone to 1.5.2 (a
newly created milestone).  Add patches as necessary.

If we all work hard, and double-check one another's work, we can put
into action the Open Source mantra that "with many eyes, all bugs are

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