[wp-hackers] Plugins to incorporate

Trevor Turk trevorturk at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 10 01:02:01 GMT 2005

> I think Codex search is a great example of things
> that are a plugin, but 
> if we were to include them they should just be
> integrated with the core. 
> Other examples would be the DB backup or the upgrade
> notification 
> plugin. (The smaller the code the more likely it'll
> be included.)

I actually kind of like the idea of leaving things out
of the "core" but including more plugins in the
distro. I even wonder if something like "K2" that is
brewing at binarybonsai.com might be considered - you
could have one distro of just "core", and one packed
with some themes and plugins (for those who don't care
about filesize. I bet that people aren't going to want
to have two different downloads, but it's worth a
moment of consideration, I'd say.

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