[wp-hackers] 1.5.2

Podz podz at tamba2.org.uk
Tue Aug 9 08:58:52 GMT 2005

Matthew Mullenweg wrote:
> It's going to be long enough before the next release (1.6) and there are 
> enough fixes to warrant another release in the otherwise stable 1.5 branch.

The bugs and such are over my head.

- If this happens, advance notice to this list of the precise time would 
be very very good. Necessary even. (Why not say two weeks today ?)

- At the point of release, we need point-by-point upgrade guides. The 
ones in Codex are ... in desperate need of destruction and rebuilding. 
As with, the forums will get flooded with the same stuff we did 
for .2, .1. So:
	Package of changed files alone
	Better instructions than "delete all but... and upload"
We need all this at the time of release.

- Skimming the previous upgrade threads 
(http://wordpress.org/support/topic/33189 - 200+ posts for 1.5 > 1.5.1)
and hitting on useful stuff there would be good.

Come Thursday, I'll rewrite the Upgrade guide from the the letter U up.
Matt - can we rewrite parts of the Readme.html that concern upgrade ? 
The 4 points are true, but a link there to a specific guide might be good.


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