[wp-hackers] Localizing URLs and Rewrites

Robert Deaton false.hopes at gmail.com
Mon Aug 8 23:38:42 GMT 2005

A thread[1] was recently brought up on the support forums about
localizing the Rewrite rules. While looking for the answer, I stumbled
upon a few various localization questions that could be posed. First
off, shouldn't we allow things like pages/ to be localized so that
blog users never really have to see any english if their blog is
localized. Furthermore, I noticed that there's no method of
localization on things like %monthnum% and %post_id% for
options-permalinks.php, which could make creating permalinks a bit
more confusing for those who do not know english. Should any of this
even be localized? Should a bug be filed? Should we leave them be
since we haven't heard complaints yet?


--Robert Deaton

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