[wp-hackers] Comment rating - a feature request

Gustavo Barron cicloid at idealabs.tk
Thu Aug 4 21:39:06 GMT 2005

Doug Stewart wrote:

> Gustavo Barron wrote:
>> And me with a never ending import-script with many requests :s
>> (hopefully the next week, la cofradia will be running wordpress instead
>> of phpnuke :D)
> You have a PHPNuke->WP import script?  Do share.  *grin*
> (Trying to move my MarComm people off Nuke to WP and this would
> greatly ease the transition).
I have been working in a PHPNuke2WP importer... in fact I also have
importers for other systems, but, i was to lazy to post about them in
the hacker list...

Maybe in the afternoon, I will make avaible the first version of the
import-nuke.php script...

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