[wp-hackers] Plugin localization troubles

donnie royalfamily at email.it
Mon Aug 1 23:57:05 GMT 2005

Hi all,
i'm building a new plugin based on TinyMCE editor but
i'm having troubles with the localization.
I've described the issue here:


In addition to those infos i have to say that
upgrading to Firefox 1.0.6 have not produced any benefits.
I've also packaged a testing version of the plugin
to allow you to hopefully try and help me fix this problem
(the one preventing me to release the plugin).
You can download it here:


To see whether you experience the problem
you have to enable the plugin,switch your locale to it_IT in wp-config.php,
go to "Scrivi" (write) and click on the Image button.
Let me know what happens and report your testing
environement (expecially browser/version).
Any contribution/fix is welcome,of course.
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