[wp-hackers] Wordpress counting site

Andy Skelton skeltoac at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 28 04:46:10 GMT 2005

Most of you have seen the Blogs Of The Day announcements on the plugin 
competition blog. For the rest, BOTD is a site I've been building to 
maintain a list of WordPress sites (more generators later) indexed by 
popularity (more indices later). The client end of the system is a very 
simple plugin that adds an invisible image to the footer of every post, Page 
and WP homepage. This is something I'd eventually like to see bundled in WP, 
enabling all WP users to get their site's traffic indexed with a single 
click: Activate.

I now have the plumbing roughed out and working with some efficiency (thanks 
to Matt's input) and I'd like to hit it with fifty to one hundred thousand 
hits per day. If you would like to help, find the plugin code at 
blogsoftheday.com and put it to use (vagueness and complexity intended to 
ward off general public during testing).

For a sample of the plugin's output, view the source of www.skeltoac.com and 
its articles. The output is between comments just above the /body tag.

Thank you,
Andy Skelton

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