[wp-hackers] New search technique! Better results! Instant ServerDeath!

Denis de Bernardy denis at semiologic.com
Wed Apr 27 13:02:33 GMT 2005

This can be interesting too, when I'm finished with it.


It's not based on LSI; rather, it is based on my own research in search
engines. At the moment, it merely identifies a seed of potentially
interesting posts, and sorts them using a rather simplistic criteria.

The next version will use the seed to find and return clustered results -- I
forecast a huge improvement in relevance when compared to the first version.
What more, the upcoming version of the clustering plugin will mutate the
clusters based by interacting with users. I might also add a plugin hook to
add a search criteria analysis step (e.g. to automatically correct common
spelling mistakes).


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I was playing with Latent Semantic Indexing this morning, more or less 
because I was bored, and I discovered that it gives some interesting 
search results.  My personal biggest gripe with WP is the searches 
really suck.  On the other hand, doing LSI is impossible because it 
would simply be *way* *to* *slow*... as I found out this morning.


Don't take this too seriously...I've been up all night ;)

Elliott C. Bäck


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